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Subjects for  2016 / 2017
Commencing January 2015, panoramas are no longer a separate category and have been absorbed into the "Open" section.
A panorama is an assembly of 2 or more images merged into a single image covering an area of at least 140 degrees horizontally or at least 70 degrees vertically and have a ratio of the sides between 3:1 and 10:1. The maximum long side of the image to be 12" and a maximum area of image to be 48 square inches.
(eg 3:1 would be maximum of 4"x12", 6:1 would be maximum of 2"x12").
 Panoramas can be horizontal or vertical.

Commencing at our May 2015 meeting, eligible members may submit up to a maximum of 4 photographs in total each month, consisting of 2 in the “Open “ section and 2 in the ”Set “ section.  Panoramas and Creative images can be entered in the "Open" section.
The maximum printed area of all images (except panoramas) in the "Open" and "Set Subject" categories must not exceed 6" x 8". The photos can be any shape (eg round, oval) as long as they fall within the 6' x 8" maximum printed size.

The "Special Subject" images may be printed in
 any ratio (i.e. square to panorama) to a maximum size that fits A4/8x12.
These must be mounted so that the outer measurement of the mount does not exceed 11 x 14 inches (280mm x 356mm).

A printable list of subjects and definitions for 2017 can be found here.
As well as our monthly subjects, there are 4 "Special Subjects" set for 2017 - Portrait, Landscape, Reflections and Monochrome in March, June, September and December respectively.

Renaming, Resizing & Emailing files
Please send a file of approximately 500kb of each of your entries to
 Please rename your files into the following format: 
eg  EvansR_JulySet(1)_Blue  wren
For instructions on how to resize mages through Photoshop click here




January 2017 (Monday 23rd)
Set Subject:
Vanishing Point
Open2016 Set Subjects

February 2017 (Monday 27th)
Set Subject:
Street Photography
Open2016 Set Subjects

March 2017 (Monday 27th)
Set Subject:
After Sunset
Special Subject: Portrait
Open202016 Set Subjects6 Set Subjects-and _definitio
April 2017 (Monday 24th)
Set Subject:
Open2016 Set Subjects

May 2017 (Monday 22nd)
Set Subject:
Open2016 Set Subjects

June 2017 (Monday 26th)
Set Subject:
Something Blue
Special Subject: Landscape
Open202016 Set Subjects6 S

July 2017
(Monday 24th)
Set Subject:
Patterns and Textures
Open2016 Set Subjects

August 2017 (Monday 28th)
Set Subject:
Open2016 Set Subjects

September 2017 (Monday 25th)
Set Subject:
Special Subject: Reflection
Open202016 Set Subejects6 Set Subjects-and _definitions
October 2017 (Monday 23rd)
Set Subject:
Fashion Photography
Open2016 Set Subjects

November 2017 (Monday 27th)
Set Subject:
Sport / Action
Open2016 Set Subjects

December 2017 (Monday 11th)\
Set Subject:
At Work017 Set and Special
Special Subject: Monochrome
Open202016 Set Subjects6 S





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