Photographing Leafy Sea Dragons.

Port Lincoln Camera Club once again had a great meeting. Well attended considering it was a cold night.

Our Guest Speaker was Jamie Coote aka Yook. His presentation was titled “The Magical Leafy Sea Dragons”. Jamie has been interested in underwater photography for some considerable time. He dives at The Tumby Bay Jetty focusing on the Leafy Sea Dragons found at the Jetty, he uses a point and shoot Nikon camera in an underwater housing. His mantra on this type of photography is go slow and look hard. He has been documenting the Leafy Sea Dragon for several years and is able to recognise them and has given them names. His presentation of the Leafy Sea Dragons was amazing, everyone was delighted to see these marvellous sea dwellers. He also lived for 5 years in Hong Kong and included in his presentation was some of his photos in Hong Kong, including lightening. His work can be viewed on He related one very amusing story,  when coming in from a dive at Tumby Bay Jetty, he was approached by an older gentleman, who quite aggressively told him he was a complete fraud and charlatan, the man said that no way could such an incredible sea creature as the Leafy Sea Dragon be at the Tumby Bay Jetty, however, a few years later, the same gentleman came up to him and apologised profusely, as he was totally wrong.  His photos have been exhibited in The Feral Fish Gallery in Tumby Bay. His photos of the Sea Dragons are featured in “Tumby Bay Views” magazine and has been published in Dive Magazine. He can be contacted via The Dive Shop at The Marina, if anyone wishes to scuba dive with him at the Tumby Bay Jetty. He had bought some of his photos for us to look at, which we all appreciated. Readers can see Jamie’s images at

After the presentation we had a supper break then continued with the remainder of our meeting.

1st Low Cloud – Janine Waters
Salt Mine – Fran Solly
3rd Boats in the Mist – Bazz Hockaday

The Special subject this month was Panorama. 1stplace to Janine Waters for “Low Cloud”. 2ndto Fran Solly for “Salt Mine” 3rdto Bazz Hockaday for “Boats in the mist”. Merits were to Julie Lovegrove for “My back yard”.  Peg McAveney for” Greenly in summer”. Chris Georgiou for “Golden Glow”.

1st Not for 10 Pound Poms – Karen Miels
2nd Penny for your Thought – Julie Lovegrove
3rd Ancestors – Fran Solly

Set subject was History with some very interesting photos entered. 1stplace to Karen Miels for “Not for ten-pound poms” 2ndplace to Julie Lovegrove for “Penny for your thoughts” 3rdto Fran Solly for “Ancestors”. Merit was awarded to Karen Miels.

1st Through the Branches, Foggy Morning – Janine Waters
2nd Love Birds – Julie Lovegrove
3rd Alysssa – Fran Solly

In the Open section. 1stPlace to Janine Waters for “Through the Branches, Foggy Morning” 2nd to Julie Lovegrove for “Love Birds”. 3rd place to Fran Solly for “Alyssa 2”. Merits were awarded to Christine Georgiou, Nola Argent, Jan Hetherington, Janice Brooks, Lesley Scarman.

We finished our evening with a photo competition Movie Title, members had to take a photo representing a Movie Title. We then had to guess the movie title. This was a brilliant competition and we all had fun guessing the movie and winning a chocolate. Ruth Evans entry was Titanic, extremely well done. Fran Solly’s Driving Miss Daisy was also well done and easily guessed. Judy Glendenning had us all frantically racking our brains with her entries. Excellent competition which we will certainly do again.

Titanic – Ruth Evans

7 pm. All welcome.

Driving Miss Daisy – Fran Solly

Meeting closed at 9.20pm, next general meeting is 24thJune at Seniors Citizens Hall 6.45pm for