Metering Light

Port Lincoln Camera Club’s general meeting for July was well attended.

We opened with the judge’s comments, which once again were appreciated, this particular judge went into great detail for us, suggesting various ways in which each photo could be improved.

In the Set subject which was Marine 1stPlace went to Kelp Mask by Jan Hetherington, 2ndplace to Fran Solly for Marine Playground. 3rdplace to Bazz Hockaday for Giant Cuttlefish.

1st Place Kelp Mask by Jan Hetherington
2nd Place Marine Playground by Fran Solly
3rd Place Giant Cuttlefish by Bazz Hockaday

In the Open subject 1stPlace to Fran Solly for Crimson Rosella, 2ndPlace to Fran Solly for Elaine and 3rdplace to Christine Georgiou for Kooky.

1st Place Crimson Rosella by Fran Solly
2nd Place Elaine by Fran Solly
3rd Place Kooky by Christine Georgiou

There was a Special subject this month which was Flora. 1stPlace to Fran Solly for Lillies in the mist.

1st Place Lillies in the Mist by Fran Solly

2ndPlace to Christine Georgiou for Fungi and 3rdPlace to Karen Miels for Protea Pop.

After a welcome break for supper. Fran Solly had two presentations for us.

August Special Subject is People. Fran reinforced some basic rules with regard to photographing people. Making a connection with the person who is the subject of the photograph and telling their story rather than just having a set list of poses it the aim of Portrait Photography.  If a portrait is being taken, the eyes of the person must be in focus, and special attention must be paid to lighting to keep the skin tones correct. Black and White can be very effective for certain portraits. If, however, the photograph is a group of people there is no need to specifically focus on the eyes, but the people involved must be in focus, again correct exposure and lighting is important. It is also a good idea to have the persons involved in an activity. Street photography is also a great way of photographing people but is not an excuse to take the photograph without connecting to the person in some way.

Fran then had a presentation on metering, which is used to achieve a correct exposure of the subject.  The camera optimizes exposure by balancing shutter speed, aperture (f-number), and ISO sensitivity according to the brightness of the subject, which is measured using the camera’s built-in light meter.  Fran gave us tips to ensure exposure is correct by adjusting aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Some photographers still use a light meterwhich is a device used to measure the amount of actual light on the subject whereas the inbuilt light meter measures the reflected light.

Fran explained the most common metering modes in digital cameras today and when it would be appropriate to use each. It is also important to check the histogram to determine if the exposure is correct. Essentially plenty of practice will keep improving photography and the understanding of exposure and metering. It is also a good idea to get used to checking the histogram after each shot.

The next General Meeting is on the 26th August 6.45 for 7pm Senior Citizens hall.  Also, our web page always has up to date information.