Jack Davies Guest Speaker

Port Lincoln Camera Club had a good turn out for the General Meeting in August.

 The Set Subject was Intentional Blur, which is deliberate movement of the camera, either by zooming in and out or moving up and down, or from side to side, which causes some very interesting images. Our judge sent through his results which included a table of how he arrived at the final points. They were WOW factor, Composition, Art, Originality, Technicality and Story. This was a great learning tool for our members, giving them an insight into what judges looked for in an image. Many members will keep this is mind when submitting future photos.

In the set subject, which was intentional blur Kaye Jaensch was first for Emu Parade. Her first win since joining the club, well done Kaye. Second was Lynelle Beinke for Splash of Red, another new member so again well done. Angela Seibert was third for Passing Time in the Forest.

Emu Parade by Kaye Jaensch was first in the Set Subject which was Intentional Camera Blur.
A Splash of Red by Lynelle Beinke was second.

Jan Hetherington received her third win in a row for her Glowing Temple” in the Open Category, which earned her a chocolate frog!! Also, her entry “Mist Over the Bay” was granted a second place. Fran Solly’s “Red Capped Robin” was third.

Glowing Temple by Jan Hetherington was first in the Open Category.
Mist over the Bay by Jan Hetherington was second in the Open Category.

In addition to the judges vote, we also do a popular vote and usually we are pretty much in agreeance with the judges vote.

Out guest speaker for the evening was Jack Davies, he had us well and truly entertained for over an hour. He had many images for us to look at and related the story as to why he took that image, time of day, technical notes on shutter speed, ISO, F stop etc. His true passion is sand hills and he had some brilliant examples for us. He likes black and white photography, which regarding sand hills brings out the moodiness in the image. He has been photographing for over 30 years and has been Sports Photographer for the Times for some years.

 He really indulged his passion once he retired. and could spend more time out and about.  He truly enjoys our coastline and spends many an hour traversing the coast looking for that one inspirational photo. He is also very happy to manipulate his images to bring out the true colour etc, using Adobe Photoshop.

Our next meeting is on the 23rdSeptember. 645pm for a 7pm start. All are welcome. The set subject is three, which is self- explanatory.