Christmas Meeting

The last Camera Club meeting for the year was also the Christmas meeting, and was well attended as usual.

 After a few brief announcements, we  had the judge’s comments for our November photos.

In the set subject which was Night Photography.  1st Karen Miels for “Night Sky in Vegas”

2nd Place went to Karen Miels for “Working late” 3rd Place went to John Taylor Silo Lights

Working Late, John Taylor

In the special subject, which was birds, a very popular subject. 1st Place to Ruth Evans for “Permission to Land” 2nd Place to Lesley Scarman for “Swan and Cygnets” 3rd Place to Julie Lovegrove for “Crab Karma”

Permission to Land, Ruth Evans

In the open subject, which attracted a good array of different photos. 1st Place went to Jo Morrison for “Dragon” 2nd Place to Karen Miels for “Angles” 3rd Place to Diana Laube for “Pollen Gathering.

Angles, Karen Miels

After our supper break, which gave everybody chance to chat and view the photos which are displayed for our December Competition, which were Set Subject Tea or Coffee, Open and Special subject which was Fauna.  Hamish then gave us a very informative Power Point on Abstract Photography, which is our Set subject for January. We were all enlightened on what constitutes an Abstract Photo, we are therefore expecting to see some very interesting images for this set subject.

We then concluded our meeting with a photo competition on “Song Titles”, members had been invited to send in images which depicted a Song Title.  This was a very interesting informal competition, with Lesley Newland guessing the most titles. A lot of our members had sent in some very intriguing photos and this was a great fun way to conclude our last meeting for the year.

Members are reminded that entries for Eyre Peninsula Camera Clubs Association Competition close on the 31st January. 

Our next General Meeting is January 27th 6.45pm for a 7pm start. All visitors are very welcome to attend.

Members turn to Judge

Port Lincoln Camera Club’s meeting was as usual well attended, even though some members would have been involved in harvest.

The format for the evening was somewhat different. Instead of sending our photos off to be judged by one of the country judges this month, it had been decided to offer our members the chance to judge the photos. Fran Solly had prepared judging sheets and went through the principals the judges use. This included, storytelling, exposure, composition and editing, checking the image for sharpness, any blown out highlights or blocked shadows, Fran went through each process in detail, so we all understood what is required. Members were shown the images quickly, then each one was shown again, the second time, we had time to look at each image in detail.

This was a very interesting exercise, as it gave members a chance to put all the judging processes into practice. It was agreed this is a more difficult than most members thought it would be, giving all of us a greater insight into the role of country judges.

Our set subject was colour pop, the usual Open section and a special subject Macro, there were certainly plenty of photos to use our newly acquired skills on.

Berry Pop – Diana Laube – 1st in Set Subject

Ist in the set subject was Diana Laube for “Berry Pop”. 2nd was Lesley Scarman with “Rainy Day” 3rd was Karen Miels for “Indulgence”

Owlet Nightjar – Jan Hetherington – 2nd Place
Dressed to Impress – Christine Georgiou – 3rd Place

The Open section1st was Lesley Scarman for “Osprey feeding her young” 2nd was Jan Hetherington for “Owlet Nightjar” in 3rd place Christine Georgiou for “Dressed to impress”

After supper, we had a short Power Point display prepared by Pam Hewstone, as 11 of our members had just completed a landscape workshop, conducted by John Hodgson from Adelaide. It was a very good workshop and all the participants certainly came away with a greater knowledge on what constitutes a good landscape image and will be putting this knowledge into landscape photography.

There will be an exhibition, featuring Port Lincoln Camera Club’s photos, at The Nautilus Theatre 9-30th December.

Our next meeting is our Christmas meeting on the 16th December. Senior Citizens Hall, 6.45pm for 7pm start. This is our last meeting for 2019. Visitors most welcome.

Jack Davies Guest Speaker

Port Lincoln Camera Club had a good turn out for the General Meeting in August.

 The Set Subject was Intentional Blur, which is deliberate movement of the camera, either by zooming in and out or moving up and down, or from side to side, which causes some very interesting images. Our judge sent through his results which included a table of how he arrived at the final points. They were WOW factor, Composition, Art, Originality, Technicality and Story. This was a great learning tool for our members, giving them an insight into what judges looked for in an image. Many members will keep this is mind when submitting future photos.

In the set subject, which was intentional blur Kaye Jaensch was first for Emu Parade. Her first win since joining the club, well done Kaye. Second was Lynelle Beinke for Splash of Red, another new member so again well done. Angela Seibert was third for Passing Time in the Forest.

Emu Parade by Kaye Jaensch was first in the Set Subject which was Intentional Camera Blur.
A Splash of Red by Lynelle Beinke was second.

Jan Hetherington received her third win in a row for her Glowing Temple” in the Open Category, which earned her a chocolate frog!! Also, her entry “Mist Over the Bay” was granted a second place. Fran Solly’s “Red Capped Robin” was third.

Glowing Temple by Jan Hetherington was first in the Open Category.
Mist over the Bay by Jan Hetherington was second in the Open Category.

In addition to the judges vote, we also do a popular vote and usually we are pretty much in agreeance with the judges vote.

Out guest speaker for the evening was Jack Davies, he had us well and truly entertained for over an hour. He had many images for us to look at and related the story as to why he took that image, time of day, technical notes on shutter speed, ISO, F stop etc. His true passion is sand hills and he had some brilliant examples for us. He likes black and white photography, which regarding sand hills brings out the moodiness in the image. He has been photographing for over 30 years and has been Sports Photographer for the Times for some years.

 He really indulged his passion once he retired. and could spend more time out and about.  He truly enjoys our coastline and spends many an hour traversing the coast looking for that one inspirational photo. He is also very happy to manipulate his images to bring out the true colour etc, using Adobe Photoshop.

Our next meeting is on the 23rdSeptember. 645pm for a 7pm start. All are welcome. The set subject is three, which is self- explanatory.

Metering Light

Port Lincoln Camera Club’s general meeting for July was well attended.

We opened with the judge’s comments, which once again were appreciated, this particular judge went into great detail for us, suggesting various ways in which each photo could be improved.

In the Set subject which was Marine 1stPlace went to Kelp Mask by Jan Hetherington, 2ndplace to Fran Solly for Marine Playground. 3rdplace to Bazz Hockaday for Giant Cuttlefish.

1st Place Kelp Mask by Jan Hetherington
2nd Place Marine Playground by Fran Solly
3rd Place Giant Cuttlefish by Bazz Hockaday

In the Open subject 1stPlace to Fran Solly for Crimson Rosella, 2ndPlace to Fran Solly for Elaine and 3rdplace to Christine Georgiou for Kooky.

1st Place Crimson Rosella by Fran Solly
2nd Place Elaine by Fran Solly
3rd Place Kooky by Christine Georgiou

There was a Special subject this month which was Flora. 1stPlace to Fran Solly for Lillies in the mist.

1st Place Lillies in the Mist by Fran Solly

2ndPlace to Christine Georgiou for Fungi and 3rdPlace to Karen Miels for Protea Pop.

After a welcome break for supper. Fran Solly had two presentations for us.

August Special Subject is People. Fran reinforced some basic rules with regard to photographing people. Making a connection with the person who is the subject of the photograph and telling their story rather than just having a set list of poses it the aim of Portrait Photography.  If a portrait is being taken, the eyes of the person must be in focus, and special attention must be paid to lighting to keep the skin tones correct. Black and White can be very effective for certain portraits. If, however, the photograph is a group of people there is no need to specifically focus on the eyes, but the people involved must be in focus, again correct exposure and lighting is important. It is also a good idea to have the persons involved in an activity. Street photography is also a great way of photographing people but is not an excuse to take the photograph without connecting to the person in some way.

Fran then had a presentation on metering, which is used to achieve a correct exposure of the subject.  The camera optimizes exposure by balancing shutter speed, aperture (f-number), and ISO sensitivity according to the brightness of the subject, which is measured using the camera’s built-in light meter.  Fran gave us tips to ensure exposure is correct by adjusting aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Some photographers still use a light meterwhich is a device used to measure the amount of actual light on the subject whereas the inbuilt light meter measures the reflected light.

Fran explained the most common metering modes in digital cameras today and when it would be appropriate to use each. It is also important to check the histogram to determine if the exposure is correct. Essentially plenty of practice will keep improving photography and the understanding of exposure and metering. It is also a good idea to get used to checking the histogram after each shot.

The next General Meeting is on the 26th August 6.45 for 7pm Senior Citizens hall.  Also, our web page always has up to date information.

Photographing Leafy Sea Dragons.

Port Lincoln Camera Club once again had a great meeting. Well attended considering it was a cold night.

Our Guest Speaker was Jamie Coote aka Yook. His presentation was titled “The Magical Leafy Sea Dragons”. Jamie has been interested in underwater photography for some considerable time. He dives at The Tumby Bay Jetty focusing on the Leafy Sea Dragons found at the Jetty, he uses a point and shoot Nikon camera in an underwater housing. His mantra on this type of photography is go slow and look hard. He has been documenting the Leafy Sea Dragon for several years and is able to recognise them and has given them names. His presentation of the Leafy Sea Dragons was amazing, everyone was delighted to see these marvellous sea dwellers. He also lived for 5 years in Hong Kong and included in his presentation was some of his photos in Hong Kong, including lightening. His work can be viewed on He related one very amusing story,  when coming in from a dive at Tumby Bay Jetty, he was approached by an older gentleman, who quite aggressively told him he was a complete fraud and charlatan, the man said that no way could such an incredible sea creature as the Leafy Sea Dragon be at the Tumby Bay Jetty, however, a few years later, the same gentleman came up to him and apologised profusely, as he was totally wrong.  His photos have been exhibited in The Feral Fish Gallery in Tumby Bay. His photos of the Sea Dragons are featured in “Tumby Bay Views” magazine and has been published in Dive Magazine. He can be contacted via The Dive Shop at The Marina, if anyone wishes to scuba dive with him at the Tumby Bay Jetty. He had bought some of his photos for us to look at, which we all appreciated. Readers can see Jamie’s images at

After the presentation we had a supper break then continued with the remainder of our meeting.

1st Low Cloud – Janine Waters
Salt Mine – Fran Solly
3rd Boats in the Mist – Bazz Hockaday

The Special subject this month was Panorama. 1stplace to Janine Waters for “Low Cloud”. 2ndto Fran Solly for “Salt Mine” 3rdto Bazz Hockaday for “Boats in the mist”. Merits were to Julie Lovegrove for “My back yard”.  Peg McAveney for” Greenly in summer”. Chris Georgiou for “Golden Glow”.

1st Not for 10 Pound Poms – Karen Miels
2nd Penny for your Thought – Julie Lovegrove
3rd Ancestors – Fran Solly

Set subject was History with some very interesting photos entered. 1stplace to Karen Miels for “Not for ten-pound poms” 2ndplace to Julie Lovegrove for “Penny for your thoughts” 3rdto Fran Solly for “Ancestors”. Merit was awarded to Karen Miels.

1st Through the Branches, Foggy Morning – Janine Waters
2nd Love Birds – Julie Lovegrove
3rd Alysssa – Fran Solly

In the Open section. 1stPlace to Janine Waters for “Through the Branches, Foggy Morning” 2nd to Julie Lovegrove for “Love Birds”. 3rd place to Fran Solly for “Alyssa 2”. Merits were awarded to Christine Georgiou, Nola Argent, Jan Hetherington, Janice Brooks, Lesley Scarman.

We finished our evening with a photo competition Movie Title, members had to take a photo representing a Movie Title. We then had to guess the movie title. This was a brilliant competition and we all had fun guessing the movie and winning a chocolate. Ruth Evans entry was Titanic, extremely well done. Fran Solly’s Driving Miss Daisy was also well done and easily guessed. Judy Glendenning had us all frantically racking our brains with her entries. Excellent competition which we will certainly do again.

Titanic – Ruth Evans

7 pm. All welcome.

Driving Miss Daisy – Fran Solly

Meeting closed at 9.20pm, next general meeting is 24thJune at Seniors Citizens Hall 6.45pm for

Praise for EPCCA Weekend

Port Lincoln Camera Club’s last general meeting was held on Easter Monday, but never the less we still had a good attendance. Our photographers had had a great Easter break and had taken this opportunity to get and take photos, some of which we will be seeing in our future competitions.

EPCCA Chamion Print – Mating Time by Fran Solly

Fran Solly gave a brief run down on the recent EPCCA weekend, as a club we did very well indeed, Fran won Champion Print,  Bazz Hockaday accrued the most points and several of our member scored placings or merits. We had positive feedback from the visiting clubs, who all agreed it was a very well organised event. Whyalla will organise the EPCCA event in Whyalla in 2020, which will coincide with The Broken Earth Festival. Entries will close on the 31stJanuary, giving all our members plenty of time to get organised. We will keep all our members advised.

1st in Set Subject – Angles was “Waiting for the Train” by Janine Waters

Our set subject this month was “Angles”, which resulted in some very interesting photographs. 1stplace to Janine Waters for “Waiting for the train”. 2ndplace to Fran Solly for “High Flyer”. Merits were awarded to Steve Sykes, Jan Hetherington, Tracey Jones and Fran Solly.

1st in Open – “Soft Water, Hard Rock” by Bazz Hockaday

In the Open Subject, there were a diverse range of photographs as usual. 1stplace was awarded to Bazz Hockaday for “Soft Water Hard Rock”,2ndplace to Fran Solly for “Painted Finch. 

After the judging Fran discussed various aspects of the judging with the winning photographers and the rest of the members, there is so much to be learned from the Judges’ Comments, and we feel our members benefit greatly.

Hamish Robertson gave us a short presentation on Bokeh which, is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. He had several images illustrating Bokeh, our members will now be able to put this into practice.

Our set Subject for May is “Creative and Experimental”, Bazz showed us some of his images using intentional camera movement, very interesting to see some of the results. Karen Miels then showed us her images using long exposure, once again with some very interesting results; no doubt our members will have fun with this subject and we will see some spectacular results.

Our next General Meeting is on Monday 27thMay at 6,45pm for 7pm. All welcome. Our website is  Our Face book page is Port Lincoln Camera Club. Both are regularly updated.

Judges impressed by PLCC Standard

Port Lincoln Camera Club had another successful meeting in January, even though our numbers were slightly down, due to long weekend and holidays, but we also had a couple of visitors and a new member join.

Firstly, we had the judge’s comments, which is an integral part of our General Meetings, as our members learn from these comments and as many of the judges’ comment, that our photos are of a very high standard, which in turn makes their job difficult. 

Our set subject for January was flash photography and it was great to see how innovative our members have become.

First place in the set subject was The Eye in the sky Bazz Hockaday. 2ndplace to Di Laube for Old Tech, 3rdto Inside Out by Tracey Jones.

The Special Subject judged was Monochrome and in this section 1st was awarded to Lesley Scarman for Cygnet, 2nd to Bazz Hockaday for Power and Symmetry and 3rd to Fran Solly for Rocky Shore.

Then we had a presentation by Steve Sykes on his recent visit to Toronto. Whilst there, he visited Sudbury Camera Club and showed us about 20 or so photos taken by their members. This was great to see, as many of these photos were taken in the Canadian Winter and included Niagara Falls with plenty of ice and snow. Of course, there were a good few photos of the Canadian Fall colours. He was made very welcome and some of their members had looked at our Web Site and were impressed by the standard of our photographers. 

Steve also gave a short Presentation on Lightroom, demonstrating the spot removal tool, very interesting to our members most of whom use Lightroom or Photoshop.

Fran Solly then did a Presentation on Photoshop, also demonstrating a couple of tools the Clone Tool and Spot Healing tool.  Fran also showed members how easy it is to export Photos from Lightroom to Photoshop to do additional Post Processing. Once again most informative.

We then adjourned for supper and popular vote, it is always pleasing to see all our members interacting discussing all matters photographic and sharing photographic locations.

Fran Solly then gave a Presentation on Low Key Photography. Which is “An image that contains predominantly dark tones and colours that convey atmosphere and mood, where lighting creates contrasts and shadows are the primary element of the composition”. This is quite a challenging subject and one most of our members have not tackled before. Fran showed us examples from David Duchy who is one of the best Low-Key Photographers. It certainly is a very interesting subject and we look forward to seeing our members work at our next meeting which is Monday February 25th

All welcome.

Christmas Meeting

Port Lincoln Camera Club once again had a very successful Christmas meeting, members had provided a veritable feast of Christmas goodies, which were appreciated by all.

After we all had our fill of Christmas food and chatter, which incidentally took a fair while, we then went on to the more formal side of the meeting, which is the judge’s comments. Once again the judge made the comment, that her job this month was particularly difficult, due to the high standard of our photos. Which is very pleasing to hear. We obviously are doing something right!

In the set subject which was Low Light, 1stplace went to Janine Waters for “Power and Strength”

Power and Strength, Janine Waters

2ndplace to Fran Solly for “Kermit’s Pool” 3rdPlace to Bazz Hockaday for “Living Beneath the Stars”

Kermit’s Pool, Fran Solly

Merits were awarded to Bazz Hockaday, Tink Davies, Peg McAveney and Karen Miels.

In the Open Subject, 1stto Fran Solly for “Hungry Chick” 2ndLesley Scarman for The Parrot 3rdto Julie Lovegrove for “Hang on food en-route”. Merits to Christine Georgiou, Julie Lovegrove, Janine Waters, Karen Miels, Peg Mcavaney.

Hungry Chick, Fran Solly
The Parrot, Lesley Scarman

One of our hands-on activity for the evening followed a Christmas theme. Committee members had been asked to bring in a Christmas Decoration, for a fun smart phone challenge. The photos would then be posted to the Camera’ Clubs Facebook page. Members took some great photos, using the decorations in some very creative ways. Everyone was declared a winner and received a chocolate frog. 

Another activity, members has been asked to send in a funny photo, to Secretary Fran Solly, who had printed them up, members had then to write a caption to go on with photo. Once again, the members excelled themselves

Our next General Meeting is on the 28thJanuary, 6.45am for 7pm. Senior Citizens Halls. All welcome.

November Results

Open Category – Judges Vote

Open Category – Members Vote

Set Subject – Low Light – Judges Vote

Set Subject – Low Light – Members Vote

Club hears Bugs’ passion

Club President Hamish Robertson welcomed a buzzing crowd of members to the November meeting. Competition results,  “Agriculture/ Aquaculture”. First, Julie Lovegrove, “I’ll just get my Friends”. Second was Fran Solly “Cattle Muster”. Third Bazz Hockaday  “Shifting the Lines”.

Julie Lovegrove – I’ll just get my friends

Popular vote Bazz Hockaday first, Pam Hewstone  “All Done” second then Fran Solly and Julie Lovegrove equal third. 

Bazz Hockaday – Lifting the Lines

Open results, first, Lesley Scarman with Orange Butterfly. Second, Julie Lovegrove “Ready and Waiting”.Third was Nola Argent “All Bull”

Leslie Scarman – Orange Butterfly.

Popular vote Lesley Scarman and Bazz Hockaday with “Bait Caster” equal first, Pam Hewstone, “Bearded Orchid” second, Fran Solly  third with two images, “Boabs on the Marsh”, “Gouldian Finch”.

Bazz Hockaday – Bait Caster

Next was guest speaker Joseph (Bugs) Puglisi, invited to speak to the club regarding his recently released book,  “COASTAL EYRE”. 

The book took several years to put together. He described it as starting as an idea, “ always on the periphery” but having to take back seat occasionally as “Life” got in the way.

“Bugs” talked of Content and Composition as being integral components of his images.   

While there is compelling and informative text in the book, “Bugs” relies heavily on his images to tell the stories, resulting in a visual feast for the reader. 

Mr Puglisi also described how his aim was to have the book appeal not only to the professional fishing sector but also to the layman, to arm them with a reference tool for Commercial Fisheries activities and compliance.

Having not been to sea regularly for the past 15 years, resulted in some amusing stories from life back on deck and like any fisherman who has been involved in the industry forever, the stories kept coming and the members were treated to an informative, frank and entertaining talk from a man with a genuine passion for the future of the Australian Fishing Industry.  

Also evident to all was his love of family, food, photography, the Lower EP and finally, the incredibly photographic coastline of this area. 

The next general meeting for the club, the Christmas Show, will be on the 10thof December at 7pm, Senior Citizens Hall next to Youthoria.