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Port Lincoln Camera Club held its general meeting on Monday 24th June and were delighted to welcome three visitors, who then joined at the end of the meeting.

After Hamish had welcomed everyone and advised members that the recent Photographic Exhibition held at The Beer Garden, was most successful, with many people commenting on the quality of the photographs. Many thanks to all who contributed, we then continued to the main part of the meeting.

Our first session was the judge’s comments, photographs are sent to a different country judge each      month, who not only score the photos, but makes most useful comments on how the photos may be improved, mainly by cropping differently, taking the shot from a different angle, using a different aperture or shutter speed, or applying subtle editing techniques.

In the Set Subject which was weather First Place went to Peg McAvaney for “Out of the fog”. Second place to Janine Waters for “Calm and stormy weather”. Merits were awarded to Peg McAveney for Poplars in the Mist”. Janine Waters for “Fog in the morning” and Bazz Hockaday for “The storm that stopped the state”.

In the Special Subject which was “Creative/Experimental First Place to Bazz Hockaday for “Sand Dune Sculptures” Second place Jan Hetherington for “View through the Glass Tile” Third Place to Fran Solly for “Eagle View”.

In the Open subject. First Place to Bazz Hockaday for “Evidence of Life”. Second Place to Peg McAvaney for “Broken Brolly” and third to Fran Solly for “Don”.

After a short break for supper, Hamish gave a short presentation on Astro Photography, demonstrating the use of shutter speeds in this field. This included a great short video. Both Interesting and informative.

Fran Solly then went on to present her tutorial. Using the photographs that had been just judged, she did some of the editing that had been suggested by the judge, showing us in each case a before and after, certainly a particularly interesting exercise.

Fran then went on to talk about the relationship between focus, aperture, and depth of field, she had brought along a few tinned goods and lined them up, asking people to shoot on different apertures, focusing on the same spot each time, and then check out the different depths of fields, i.e., how much of the photograph is in focus, these sorts of hands-on demonstrations certainly help new photographers understand the meaning of various photographic terms in a practical way.

Our next meeting is the 26th of July and will be held via Zoom due to the state wide lockdown. Set subject for July is “Water Droplets” Special is Macro/Close up, and Open. If anyone has something, they wish to see explained or demonstrated at future meetings, please let a Committee Member know. Visitors are especially welcome.


Adverse weather conditions did not deter member of the Port Lincoln Camera Club, keen as usual to attend.

Hamish opened the meeting, with a few details, mainly on the weekend workshop, 28th to 30th May.

Portraiture will be on Friday night at the Senior Citizens Hall 6-8pm. Saturday 29th May early morning shoot for sunrise, visiting, Sleaford Dunes, Mary Ellis Wreck, Sleaford Mere. Post processing 12pm to 4pm at Seniors Hall. Sunday 8am to 11am bird photography, venue to be advised. 1-30pm post processing and review. This workshop is a great opportunity for our members.  

We then had the judges vote photographs are send off to a different country judge each month for critique and points.

In the Set Subject, which was Silhouettes, there were a good number of most interesting photographs, making the judges work rather difficult. 1st place went to Janine Waters for “Simple Silhouette” second to Lesley Scarman for “Dancing in the moonlight” 3rd place to Bazz Hockaday for “Sky Burst”

In the open section 1st place to Chris Georgiou for “Sisters” 2nd place to Janine Waters for “Forgotten, covered in webs.” 3rd place to Karen Miels for “Natures Curves” 

Well done to everyone.

Karen Miels then gave a short Power Point presentation on the set subject for June “Leading Lines”, showing us various examples of how leading lines can lead the viewer into the story portrayed in the photograph. We were shown examples of the many types of leading lines, horizontal, vertical, curved, frames etc.

After a short break for tea and coffee, we then went on to the extremely popular segment conducted by Fran Solly “Back to Basics”. This month we were discussing camera settings, once again we split into “Camera Groups” The very first and extremely important was dioptre, Fran advised that this setting normally only has been set once, it does pay, however, to check this periodically. Drive mode was covered next, before continuing to the next setting, Fran made sure that all members clearly understood. This was an extremely interesting and important segment, even the more experienced photographers gain from these reminders. These sessions are very well received and certainly most useful to our new members.

The next Camera Club Meeting will be 28th June, 6.45 pm for 7pm start. The subject for Leading Lines and Open. The Camera Club’s web site is We also have a Face Book Page which is Port Lincoln Camera Club. 

There will, of course, be another “Back to Basics” session. All members and visitors are most welcome.


Port Lincoln Camera Club’s April Meeting, saw large number of members attending, which was good to see, as it was the Monday of the Anzac Long Weekend.

Fran Solly gave a short report on the recent Eyre Peninsula Combined Camera Club’s weekend, once again Port Lincoln Camera Club members received many awards., with Janine Waters being awarded the Print of the Exhibition for “Brian”. At the end of May we have a workshop, which will be run by Lou Marafiote, focusing on Portraiture, Bird and Landscape photography, Lou being accomplished in all three, having won many awards. Fran and Baz have done workshops run by Lou previously and highly recommend him.

We started the main part of the meeting with the Judges’ comments, the winners as follows: Set subject, which was Architecture, first place to Karen Miels for “Art Deco”

In the Open subject, first place to Lesley Scarman for “Lunch Delivered”.

Special Subject first place went to Bazz Hockaday for “Reflex”

We then had the popular vote and supper, and of course conversations on all matters photographic.

Fran Solly’s tutorial this month was about shooting in Manual. We all split into “camera groups” Canon, Nikon and Sony put our cameras on manual and Fran guided us through the basic functions of ISO, Speed and Aperture, with tasks at each step to change camera settings and discussion on why and when you would change each setting. We then had chance to practice taking photos of various things in the club rooms using manual settings. Fran also showed a sequence of photos, with group discussion on what settings to use and why, also a few examples of photos that only be successfully taken with manual settings. All our members are taking full advantage of these short tutorials and are keen to practice.  

The next meeting is Monday 24th May, 6.45 for 7pm. All welcome, Set Subject is Weather, Special subject is Creative and Experimental.


Port Lincoln Camera Club’s last meeting on the 22nd of March was the Annual General Meeting.

Hamish Robertson was elected President, Bazz Hockaday, Vice President. Karen Miels Secretary, 

Judy Glendenning Treasurer. General Committee Members Fran Solly, Lynelle Beinke, Pam Hewstone, Julie Lovegrove, John Taylor, the President and Committee are looking forward to another successful year, and always welcome input from General Members as to workshops, outings etc. Although 2020 was a very unusual year, we still managed to hold our General Meetings via Zoom and continuing with our competitions, with all entries being submitted digitally, until we were once again able to meet in person.

After The AGM, we then held the Awards Presentation, which were as follows:

Popular Vote Open: Julie Lovegrove. Popular Vote Set Karen Miels. Judges Vote Open Julie Lovegrove, Judges Vote Set Karen Miels. Special Subjects. Judges Vote February Janine Waters, April Bazz Hockaday. June Fran Solly, August Lesley Scarman, October John Taylor, November Julie Lovegrove, December Christine Georgiou. Special Subject Popular Vote February Peg McAveney. April Fran Solly, June John Taylor, August Leslie Scarman, November Christine Karen Miels, December Christine Georgiou. 

Most Improved John Taylor, Image of The Year Janine Waters. Club Champion Karen Miels. Congratulation to all our winners, it is very pleasing to see that the standard of our photography   is improving constantly.

We then had a break for supper and Popular Vote, where members get to vote on the images that have been submitted for March competitions.

After Supper, we had the second Back to Basics Workshop conducted by Fran Solly, our first session was on Light, this one was on Composition. Fran discussed the importance of composition in detail.

She started with a short U Tube Video by Steve McCurry, in which he discussed the importance of the Rules of Thirds in composition, it is important that the subject is placed in a position that attracts the attention of the viewer. Secondly Leading Lines, which as it suggests, leads the viewer into to photo, using natural lines. Diagonal Lines create great movement. Natural Frames can be important, for example, windows and doors. Find a contrast between the subject and the background. Fill the Frame, get close to the subject. In portraiture place the dominant eye in the centre of the photo. Patterns and Repetition, patterns are usually very pleasing to the eye, as can repetition. Fran also touched on basic editing in Lightroom, loading the raw file into Lightroom, applying the lens/camera profile to reduce chromatic aberration, cropping, how to get a straight horizon, and colour balance.

Fran concluded the session with a question and answer session. These workshops are very well received by all our members, not only our new members, but our older members who consider “Back to Basics” is a great concept. The next session will be on shooting in Manual and members are asked to bring in their cameras.

Our next General Meeting is Monday 26th April, 6.45pm for a 7 pm start. Senior Cits Hall. All welcome.


Port Lincoln Camera Club’s meeting on the 22nd February was particularly well attended, we had several visitors which was very pleasing, with at least 2 of them joining on the night.

Hamish Robertson our President welcomed everyone and after a few announcements and general information, we started with the Judges’ Comments.

In the set subject which was “At the beach” 1st Place to Fran Solly for “Moreton Bay”. 2nd Place to Peg McAvaney for “Beach Walkers”. 3rd place to Lesley Scarman for “Let’s have some privacy”

In the Open subject, 1st Place to Peg McAvaney for “I,m eating dinner. 2nd place to Lesley Scarman for “Taking a stand”. 3rd Place went to Chris Georgiou for “Dance of the Osprey” Merit to Fran Solly for “Great White” As usual the photographs submitted to the competitions are of a high standard, which makes the judging difficult.

We then had a short break for tea and coffee, and the popular vote, which is, photos are displayed on boards and everyone is given the opportunity to judge the entries, taking into consideration, is the photograph telling a story, has the rule of thirds been followed, in the set subject, does the photograph adhere to the definition that subject has been given.  This is also a good time to discuss all things photographic with the other members, and to generally socialize. 

Fran Solly then gave us the first of her tutorials, which she is calling Back to Basics. The first session was on light, Fran demonstrated on our model “Mandy” how important light is in portrait photography. Light is also always an important factor in landscape photography, the time of day can be critical is this type of photography. Often the blue hour and the golden hour are important, the blue hour is simply the time of day before sunrise and after sunset, when the atmosphere takes of a deep, dark blue colour, the golden hour, is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise, can produce the perfect light to capture great photos.  Fran then went on to demonstrate basic editing in Lightroom, there are many editing programmes available, some are subscription and there are also some free ones like Gimp. A good one to use for editing phone photos is Snap Seed.

This session was very well received, and our new members will benefit from these sessions, and will be a refresher for our older members. The next session will be on “Composition” 

Our next general meeting is on March 22nd. 6.45pm for 7pm start. All are welcome.


Port Lincoln Camera Club, met for the first time in 2021 on Monday 25th January, members were as enthusiastic as ever to get back into all things photographic. The meeting was opened by President Hamish Robertson at 7 pm.  He advised members that the Eyre Peninsula Camera Clubs Association competition entries from our club will be taken up to Kimba on Friday 29th January, Port Lincoln Camera Club has as usual, a good number of entries.

 Port Lincoln Camera Club will be hosting a weekend workshop from 28th to the 30th of May, our presenter will be Lou Marafioti, a well-known and very experienced Adelaide Based photographer. The workshop will cover portraiture, landscape and bird photography and photo editing. At present the workshop is open only to Camera Club members, but this may change nearer the date. Full details will also be available soon.

We then moved on to the judge’s comments, comments from the judges are most valuable, our members learn a great deal from the constructive comments, which help to improve the standard of the club’s photography.

In the special subject which was Fauna Chris Georgiou won first place for “Little Fluffies”

Christine Georgiou – Little Fluffies

Second place to Julie Lovegrove for “Little Batty” third place to Karen Miels for “We have an escort”.

Julie Lovegrove – A Little Batty
Karen Miels – We have an escort

The set subject was Miniature, a most interesting and quite a challenging subject, with some very interesting entries.

First place to Peg McAvaney for “Junior John Deere Tractor”, second place to Janine Waters for “Little Train” third place to Julie Lovegrove for “Day Over”.

Peg McAvaney – Junior John Deere Tactor
Janine Waters – Little Train
Julie Lovegrove – Day Over

In the Open subject First Place to Julie Lovegrove for “Looks just like me”, Second place to Karen Miels for GNT “Cucumber Splash”, Third Place to Julie Lovegrove for “A bit bumpy”. All winning images each month are published on our website

Julie Lovegrove – Looks Just Like Me
Karen Miels – GNT Cucumber Splash
Julie Lovegrove – A Bit Bumpy

After the supper break and popular vote, Fran Solly gave us a short presentation on Landscape photography, which is our February special subject, the definition of “scapes,” includes land, sea and city, there will be plenty of scope for our photographers. Fran showed us a variety of images, which will give our photographers inspiration and ideas. The set subject for February is discarded, the definition being an item no longer in use or being used, again an interesting subject which will see some great photographs being entered.

We will be introducing a new segment at our General meetings, Fran Solly will be giving a tutorial each month, going back to the basics of photography, camera settings, understanding light, composition, and post processing. Most importantly, please bring a pen and paper to take notes, your laptop, camera and manual. After each tutorial there will be a question-and-answer session. This is going to be a great opportunity for our new members and a good reminder for our more advanced members. We will all benefit from these tutorials. Our next General Meeting is 22nd February at Senior Citizens Hall, 6.45pm for a 7.00pm start. All are welcome.


Port Lincoln Camera Club held their last meeting for the year, the Christmas meeting, this was, as usual well attended, great to see, as everybody gets extremely busy at this time of the year.

We started with the judges’ comments, the judge this month was Maureen Carthy, a Townsville based photographer. Her comments and suggestions were very well received, she certainly was a great judge, her comments were very constructive.

The special subject was the Gordon Fowler Bird prize, which is a perpetual trophy. There were many brilliant photos submitted and the judge had an extremely hard job in determining a winner. Ist prize went to Julie Lovegrove for “Shrimp it is”. 2nd to John Taylor for “Frogmouth” 3rd to Janine Waters for “Yellow Rumped Thornbill”. Merits were awarded to Fran Solly, Janine Waters, Chris Georgiou, Julie Lovegrove` Jan Hetherington, Karen Miels, Heather Boothby and Pam Hewstone. 

1st Julie Lovegrove – Shrimp it is
2nd John Taylor – Tawny Frogmouth

In the set subject, which was Street Photography, again a great number of particularly good entries.

Ist to Karen Miels for “Home Delivery”, 2nd to Fran Solly for “Day in the Park” Fran also had a third for “Caution”. Merits to Heather Boothby, Peg McAvaney and Karen Miels.

1st Karen Miels – Home Delivery
2nd Fran Solly – Day in the Park

The open subject had a large number of entries, all to a high standard. 1st to Jan Hetherington for “Flames and Ash Abstract, 2ndto Fran Solly for “Kite Surfer”, 3rd to Chris Georgiou for “Hang on. Merits to Chris Georgiou, John Taylor and Di Laube.

1st Jan Hetherington – Flames and Ash Abstract
2nd Fran Solly – Kite Surfer

This being our Christmas show, we had a couple of fun activities. Fran Solly had been photographing various things in Port Lincoln, then showing us a small portion of the image, we then had to guess where in Port Lincoln the photos were taken. Great fun, that had all of us racking our brains and memory, it was by mutual agreement that we all need to take a walk around Port Lincoln and really observe our surroundings.

Another fun creative photo activity was photographing various Xmas decorations, which we then placed in front of mirrors, we had to use our Smart Phones, pretty challenging, but also fun.

We finished up with a festive supper and popular vote on this month’s open and set subjects.

Due to the Christmas and New Year break, there will be no formal outing in January. Our next General Meeting will be on Monday January 25th 6.45pm for a 7pm start at the Senior Citizens Hall

Hallett Place. All welcome.


Port Lincoln Camera Club held its monthly General Meeting with a good number of members keen to meet, after the short Covid 19 Lockdown.

After the usual notice of future meetings and outings etc, we commenced with the Judges Comment segments.

In October there was a special subject “Macro” which had a good number of entries. Macro is often an exceedingly difficult subject, but our members were not deterred.

Ist Place went to John Taylor for “Yellow horned Clerid. 2nd to Karen Miels for “Love in a Mist”. 3rd to Janine Waters for “Dragon Fly Hanging On” Merits to Karen for “After dinner nap”, Tania Visic for 
“Fly Eyes”

In the set subject, which was Fungi, 1st Place to Kaye Jaensch, for “Fungi” 2nd Place to Janine Waters for “Bracket Fungi” 3rd Place to John Taylor for “Fungi Cluster”. 

In the open subject 1st Place to Chris Georgiou for “Mouths to feed”, 2nd Place to Tania Visic for “Dinner Time”, 3rd Place to Di Laube for “The Stare”.


After a short break for supper and popular vote, we viewed a Power Point presentation by Karen Miels on “Miniature Photography, which is our set subject for December. She showed us examples from photographer Tanaka Tatsuya, who is well known for his work. There were some great examples and certainly enlightened all present. It will be most interesting to view the work our members produce.

Our next meeting is on December 14th, which is a deviation from our usual 4th Monday in the month dates, because of the Christmas break.

Due to this particularly busy time of year there will not be an outing in January, outings will be resumed in February.