Club Rules

The purpose of these rules is to encourage the development of photographic skills and foster a spirit of competition within the Port Lincoln Camera Club. Throughout “image” is taken to mean “photograph/print

1. Competitions will be held on a monthly basis and will include the following categories as described in the annual program: Set Subject, Special Subject, Open Subject.
1.a Port Lincoln Camera and Video Club competition year runs from January to December (calendar year).

2. Eligibility to Categories
Entries for the “Open Subject” category include any subject (but not including elements of the “Set Subject”) treated pictorially (i.e. embodying the elements of good design and composition) and which reflects the personal interpretation of the author including creative and experimental techniques and derivations, provided that there is in all cases a photographic base.

 Entries eligible for the relevant “Set Subject” competition include any entry meeting the definition described and published beforehand by the Committee.

4. Only financial members are eligible to enter competitions.

5. All images entered must be wholly the work of the member including any textures added.

6. Eligible members may submit up to a maximum of 4 photos in total each month, being 2 from each category.

6.1 From time to time there will be additional special subjects where eligible members may enter 1 image for each additional subject. See Rule 15 for image sizes.

7. All entries must be submitted at the Registration Desk. Cost per image is $1.00. The images will then be numbered and placed on the display boards. A .jpg file of each image not exceeding 2MB must be sent to no later than the Tuesday after the meeting at which they were entered.

7.1 All images are to be submitted as a print and in digital form.

7.2 The back of each print submitted must bear the author’s name, title and competition section entered. Authors are encouraged to include exposure information where possible. An arrow should be included to indicate the top of the image. If the author does not wish their image to be uploaded to the PLCC website it must be clearly stated on the back of the photo and also be made known to the Registration Manager. Authors should use a medium that will not penetrate or appear through the image. The author’s name must not be visible from the front of the image.7.3 Digital submissions must be no larger than 2MB and be emailed to the address as indicated on our website under the heading of “Subjects” either prior to the meeting or no later than the Tuesday after the meeting at which they were entered.. They must be named using the following format…..


eg EvansR_JulySet(1)_Blue wren

8. Whilst reasonable care will be taken with entries submitted, the Club will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage.

8.1 Unless other arrangements have been made, competition photos will only be kept for 3 months.

9. Any entry, which in the opinion of the committee is likely to cause damage to any other entry, will be excluded from the competition. Any entry which in the opinion of the committee is likely to cause offence to any other member or visitor will not be accepted.

10. Any images rejected from the “Set Subject” will not be accepted into the “Open” section.

11. Entries having only minor variations from those entered previously by the same author will not be accepted.

12.  Any entry of an image copied from any media source or work of art (thus infringing copyright) will be disqualified. 

13. Popular vote: Photos will be assessed by the members as 1st, 2nd and 3rd. After collation of the scores the following points will be allocated:

First …………………….. 10 points

Second…. …………….. 8 points 

Third ……………………. 6 points

All others ………………. 2 points

Members must assess each image and if in the opinion of the designated administrator (an experienced  committee member) an image does adhere to the subject definition it will be excluded. 

Monochrome images contain shades of only one colour. If toning is carried out it must be over the whole image. Partial toning and/or the addition of one extra colour are NOT acceptable in the monochrome section. 
14.2 Colour images contain more than one colour, that is, it is not a monochrome image. However a monochrome image that has been partially toned or had other colour(s) added is acceptable. 
14.3 Black and White images contain black and white shades only. No other tone or colour is permitted such as sepia tones across the entire image

15  Definition of Prints Image Size and Mounting 
 For the “Open Subject” and “Set Subject” categories the maximum printed area of the image must not exceed 6 x 8 inches(152 x 203 mm) with the exception of panoramas. A panorama is an assembly of 2 or more images merged into a single image covering an area of at least 140 degrees horizontally or at least 70 degrees vertically and have a ratio of the sides between 3:1 and 10:1. The maximum  long side of the image to be 12″ and a maximum area of image to be 48square inches. 
(eg 3:1 would be maximum of 4″x12″, 6:1 would be maximum of 2″x12″).
 Panoramas can be horizontal or vertical. All “Set Subject” and “Open Subject” prints must not be mounted. 
15.2  At times there will be additional special monthly competitions. These images may be printed in any shape or ratio to a maximum size that fits A4/8×12. These must be mounted with the outer measurement of the mount being up to 11 x 14 inches (280 x 356 mm).
 The Committee will reject any images exceeding these dimensions or the mounting criteria.

16. Winning images will be automatically entered into the Image of the Year Competition from the digital entry originally provided.  At the end of the year a Sub-committee of the General Committee will judge the Image of the Year selecting one winner.

17.  AWARDS  The following awards will be granted annually and presented  at the AGM. 
17.1 Club Champion: To the member with the highest cumulative score for both judges and popular vote for combined “Open” and “Set Subject” image competitions (Club Certificate and $75 voucher).
17.2  Image of the Year Award : To the member whose images were 1st in either the judges or popular voting in “Set Subject” and “Open” image competitions held during the competition year, will be eligible for entry into the “Image of the Year” competition. Winner judged by Committee. (Club Certificate and $50 voucher).
17.3  To the member with the highest cumulative Popular Vote score in the  “Open”  image competition  (Club Certificate and $25 voucher). 
  To the member with the highest cumulative Judges Vote score in the  “Open”  image competition ( Club Certificate and $25 voucher). 
17.5  To the member with the highest cumulative Popular Vote score in the  “Set” image competition ( Club Certificate and $25 voucher). 
17.6  To the member with the highest cumulative Judges Vote score in the  “Set” image competition ( Club Certificate and $25 voucher). 
17.7 To the winner of each of the Special Subjects (Club Certificate and $25 voucher)..
17.8.To the most improved member as determined by the Committee (Club certificate and $25 voucher). 
17.9 Any other certificate or voucher as recommended by the Committee can be awarded at any time.