Submitting Entries

Financial members may submit up to a maximum of 4 photographs in total each month, consisting of 2 in the “Open “ section and 2 in the ”Set” section. All images submitted must be in print and digital form.  

Entries for the “Open Subject” category include any subject (but not including elements of the “Set Subject”) treated pictorially (i.e. embodying the elements of good design and composition) and which reflects the personal interpretation of the author including creative and experimental techniques and derivations, provided that there is in all cases a photographic base.

Entries eligible for the relevant “Set Subject” competition must meet the definition described and published beforehand by the Committee.

 From time to time there will be additional special subjects where eligible members may enter up to 2 images for each additional subject.  



This is a one off process.

  • Click on the following link or type the address into your web browser to go to the home page:

  • Click the JOIN OUR CLUB blue button.
  • You will now see this screen.  Click the NEW ACCOUNT tab to register as a user.
  • Once you have registered you will be taken to a new page and at the bottom of that page you will be prompted to enter a joining code.   The code for Port Lincoln Camera Club is 285.   Once entered you will see a message confirming you are now a member.
  • Click on the Blue Port Lincoln Camera Club icon in the top left corner.


First choose the photos that you want to enter in the upcoming competition.   Edit and Export or Save them so that they have a dimension of 1900 pixels X 1200 pixels and are less than 2 megabytes in size.   (For help with this please see a member of the Committee).  The files name should be the TITLE that you want to give your photo.  Make sure you know where your photo is saved and that it is easy to find.   I use a folder titled UPLOADS on the desktop for this purpose.

To enter the portal type in or click the following link:

It’s a good idea to save this page in your favourites so its easy to find in future.

You will now see this page:

Click on the Grey MEMBERS button on the top right-hand side to see current and past competitions.

The next page you will see looks like this:

On the right-hand side are orange buttons which indicate the competitions are currently open.   On the left-hand side will be competitions that are published which means they have been judged and results etc are available.

Click the ORANGE button that is the entry for the current month.

Now its just a matter of dragging your files into the space provided one at a time.  Once your file is confirmed as being the right size you will see this screen

To complete your entry click on the section you wish to enter the photo in IE: Open, Set or Special and press SUBMIT ENTRY

Repeat the process until you have all of your entries for the month submitted.  You can confirm your entries by checking that the right number of ticks are against the entry fields in the left white box.

CONGRATULATIONS… are in!!   If you are still having difficulty please contact a member of the Committee for help.