Submitting Entries

Financial members may submit up to a maximum of 4 photographs in total each month, consisting of 2 in the “Open “ section and 2 in the ”Set” section. All images submitted must be in print and digital form.  

Entries for the “Open Subject” category include any subject (but not including elements of the “Set Subject”) treated pictorially (i.e. embodying the elements of good design and composition) and which reflects the personal interpretation of the author including creative and experimental techniques and derivations, provided that there is in all cases a photographic base.

Entries eligible for the relevant “Set Subject” competition must meet the definition described and published beforehand by the Committee.

 From time to time there will be additional special subjects where eligible members may enter up to 2 images for each additional subject.  The Special Subject image must also be submitted in print and digital form.

All entries must be submitted at the Registration Desk. Cost per image is $1.00. The images will then be numbered and placed on the display boards.

A .jpg file of each image not exceeding 2MB must be sent to  either prior to the meeting or no later than the Tuesday after the meeting at which they were entered.. They must be named using the following format.
eg EvansR_JulySet(1)_Blue wren

The back of each print submitted must bear the author’s name, title and competition section entered. Authors are encouraged to include exposure information where possible. An arrow should be included to indicate the top of the image. If the author does not wish their image to be uploaded to the PLCC website it must be clearly stated on the back of the photo and also be made known to the Registration Manager.